Is Classical Music Good for Your Health?

What do you think of when you hear the word classical music? Classical music to me is a soft melody with a piano and a violin, to those epic movie themes. Most people think music is just a soft background noise, there's nothing health related. But is t still beneficial to you health?

Let's start off with a little story. The day before a big exam, I was stressing out. I kept asking, what if I get this question wrong? What if there's a bonus question? What if through all of this studying, I'm still not ready? Is there still a topic that I didn't study for? While I'm stressing, my friend decided to take matters into his own hands. I was pacing around in the basement, - palms sticky with cold sweat - and my friend brought his speaker and played classical music. At first I was confused, why play classical music? "The Surprise Symphony" by Joseph Haydn played on the speaker. It seemed like my mind had a mind of its own. I stopped pacing and sat down, my heart beat slowing and muscles relaxing. When the symphony was over I felt my mind sharpening up. From that day forth, I realized classical music really takes away your stress and make you concentrate more.

So how is classical music beneficial to your health? Let's get started.

Stress Free!

People often think of classical music as a soft melody playing on and on. Do soft melodies (like lullabies) help you fall asleep? If yes, it is known that sleeping can help your whole body relax  - letting your mind take a break. If not, the following statement is for you. Believe it or not, soft melodies (like lullabies) actually slows down your pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormones. Recently, one of my friends was really stressed about a huge project. While she was studying, she noticed that her muscles were tense and her heart accelerated. She tried searching up relaxation music. Which didn't work as well as she had expected, then I introduced her to listen to classical music. When she listened to it, she fell asleep. My friend noticed the next day that her heart beat slowed down and the muscles relaxed while she slept. In conclusion, sleep actually helps you to become less stressed. Perhaps after you take a nap, a new perspective might come to mind!

Mozart Effect

During 1993, a group of scientists wanted to research, if listening to classical music improves your memory. According to the research done, it has been proven that listening to classical music will definitely improve your learning and memorization skills.
 From one study it compared students who listened to classical and relaxation tapes. The main question was, "Which music helps the students to concentrate more? Is it classical or relaxation tapes? How about just silence?" When the research was over, the scientists claimed that classical music really improves a person's learning skills - making them more concentrated. When people concentrate more, their memory skills will improve.

Get an A!

Classical music improves not your memory, but also your studying skills. Imagine this - there is a big test tomorrow, and you studied all that you can. But there's just that one nagging feeling saying that you still didn't study enough. You turn on the music, hoping it will help you. The first song that played is the most popular song. As you listen, you feel distracted and agitated. The second song is some motivational music. Sure, it sounds smooth and offers your lots of ideas for your homework, but it is not the music you need for studying. The last song is classical music. Let's say the "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When the music starts playing, your mind feels like it is ten times sharper than the butcher's knife.

Music is not just some noise in the background. Some songs may have a deeper meaning behind the melody or lyrics. Every time, whether you are stressed out and/or studying for a subject - play classical music and listen to it. Which will definitely calm your nerves and improve your health. Remember to listen to classical music everyday will keep the stress level at bay!