Is Classical Music Good for Your Health?

What do you think of when you hear the word classical music? Classical music to me is a soft melody with a piano and a violin, to those epic movie themes. Most people think music is just a soft background noise, there's nothing health related. But is t still beneficial to you health?

Let's start off with a little story. The day before a big exam, I was stressing out. I kept asking, what if I get this question wrong? What if there's a bonus question? What if through all of this studying, I'm still not ready? Is there still a topic that I didn't study for? While I'm stressing, my friend decided to take matters into his own hands. I was pacing around in the basement, - palms sticky with cold sweat - and my friend brought his speaker and played classical music. At first I was confused, why play classical music? "The Surprise Symphony" by Joseph Haydn played on the speaker. It seemed like my mind had a mind of its own. I stopped pacing and sat down, my hear…